The Latest Autumn Window Displays of Top Brands

In the blink of an eye, it is autumn now, again.

And these might be the most favorite color for decorating the fall and winter season in this year.

Let’s have a look at the newest amazing autumn window display for the top brands.


As a whole, Hermes’s shop window adopts indigo as its main color, which is one of the most popular colors in autumn and winter. It is visually elegant indeed.

This series of windows uses some sort of textures elements, like the clouds on the left background and the winding road of the moon. It’s a feeling of the moon in the autumn evening.

Hermes Window Display

The ceramics are connected by four lines, and the textures on the top expresses a feeling of elegance.

shop window display

This showcase of jewellery and perfume is decorated in a cool tone, and the bottom of the exquisite pylon is also printed with elegant lines.

Hermes Shop window

The story of this series of window windows may be called “Big Fish” .

foam display props

This window uses a lot of illustrations and origami techniques. Similarly, the art of origami presents a lot of texture lines, which is very delicate as well.

fall retail window displays

Chanel’s shop window uses a lot of high-grade colors, such as silver and white, which makes the whole window look very modern and urban.

Chanel’s autumn window features a classic autumn element – yellowed leaves, which serves as the bottom of the floor, showing the autumn atmosphere.

channel window display

At the same time, a multi-faceted mirror is placed between the models to make the whole space much more three-dimensional.Watching from the outside, and the view is very comprehensive.


Fendi uses its classic color, and then combines it with flowing lines, which express a feeling of autumn.

Fendi Window display

Sake Fifth Avenue

The Fifth Avenue Department Store has branded the autumn window of each brand, using the grid layout to display products with different colors and textures.

Dior shop window
Versace window display
autumn window display
top brands window display
wood window display
Fendi visual merchandising
block window display

Luxemburgerli Macarons

As we all know, the biggest feature of Macalon’s window is its “Macaron” color, so the color of the product and the props are painted in harmony.

Such pink color expresses a sweet of feeling, can be associated with its taste, and makes people really want to taste it immediately.

Macaron retail window

Light green always gives a little fresh feeling, I don’t know if the “saucer control” will have a special feeling.

green shop window

As conclusion, I do feel that in this autumn window, there are a few points we can learn from:

  • The color is not very limited to those colors that represent autumn (golden, orange), and this year’s autumn and winter colors can be used appropriately;
  • In terms of elements, many top brands’ windows uses a lot of texture lines to express the feeling of autumn or display products.

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