Isolate virus, but never love

Currently Covid-19 outbreak worldwide is getting much more severe and unpredictable, we DM Team could help source and provide healthy supplies like Mask guard, Hand santitizer bottle with pump dispenser and Acrylic office divider 

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Applied in the Pharmacy store, Supermarket, Bank counter, Restaurant, and other public place to build a safe social distance during COVID-19. It is high efficiently prevent the droplet transmission, and protect your private space.

This is PET MASK GUARDS. It’s 310W*230H mm in size, and 0.2-0.5mm thickness for chosen. Double side anti-fog design helps prevent spittle from spreading so as to reduce the risk of infection. In line with providing help , the mask guards are provided with quite a low price. 

It is Automatic induction soap dispenser, which are applied to companies, factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc. It is large demand and could assure of your staffs, workers could keep disinfection. Of course, there are many other Hand santitizer bottle with pump dispenser Volumes for choosing.

How to build a safe and healthy social space?

In the past few months, China had taken quick and decisive approaches to Wuhan and the whole big nation, which help control the NPC epidemic spread effectively. Three months after the NPC outbreak, enterprises nationwide gradually started work resumption. In the face that, Chinese government launched some policies to protect staffs and ensure normal production so as to reduce economic losses as much as possible.

The attached pdf content is the ways that How the Chinese Government’s control the epidemic. You can download it if there’s any interest. And hope the measures we took could help you a lot when back to work.


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