Project Description

Transparent PVC Panel Helps Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Item Name:   Highly transparent PVC Panels

Materials:  Acrylic/PC

Size:  L120 x W80 x H60cm

L80 x H 60cm with base L35 x H15cm

L50 x W30 x H50cm

Any other sizes could be customized

Range Price:  $ 13-$37/pc based on thickness 5mm plates

MOQ: 300PCS per size.

Package:  Each plate wrapped with pearl cotton with corner protecters and styrofoam around, then into carton.

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(1) Thickening and abrasion resistance: stable material, high hardness, crush resistance and abrasion resistance approved;

(2) High transparency: high transparency to provide soft light and clear vision;

(3) Safe and non-toxic:  4 A grade materials are used, and without any peculiar odor;

(4) Easy cleaning: It can be disinfected with liquid with 75% alcohol.


Easy installation and can be used as soon as installed;
Thoughtful design with safety round corner.


Dining table/ Meeting room/Office/Classroom/Supermarket/Bank Counter/Information Desk, etc.

size of transparent panels to stop COVID-19
Size of transparent PVC COVID-19
size of transparent pvc panel

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