How Enterprise Take Measures after Work Resumption from COVID-19

1. Make a good reservation of anti-epidemic materials such as masks, hand sanitisers and disinfectants.

Transparent mask guard is a good option, which is not disposable, and can be long-term use after cleaned by ethyl alcohol.

Besides, sensor soap dispenser is popular these days in China. It helps you clean hands but without any touch, which improve sanitation quite a lot.

1.hand sanitiser and mask guards

2.Install temperature monitoring equipment to test the temperature of people entering the office, only those with normal temperature can enter.

3.Establish an employee health monitoring system, registering their health status daily, and seeking medical advice in a timely manner when they feel unwell.

2.temperature checking

4. In office, meeting room, dining room, strictly control the number of people, and arrange staff to sit and be separated in some distance. At the same time, acrylic/PET/PVC panels need to be set in the middle to prevent potential virus spread.

3.PET desk divider

5. Strengthen ventilation. If a centralized air conditioner is used, ensure its normal operation, increasing air supplying, and turning off the return air of the whole air system.

6. Carry spare masks to wear when they come into close contact with others. It can be disposable mask or transparent mask guard.

7. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or use elbows to cover when sneezing.

8. Do cleaning and disinfecting of high-frequency contact objects such as elevators, public toilets and other public equipment facilities and door handles.

9. Keep the public area and office area clean and tidy, and clean up the garbage in time.

10. Reduce the frequency of meetings and shorten meeting time. It would be better to use network video conference and other methods.

11. When new cases of coronary pneumonia occur, terminal disinfection should be conducted under the guidance of the local disease prevention and control center, and the air conditioning and ventilation system should be cleaned and disinfected at the same time, and can be re-opened only after passing the hygienic evaluation.

4.COVID prevention

In line with providing help, here at DM, we’d like to offer some healthy supplies like mask guards, PVC dividers for office, and hand sanitiser for our clients.

Hope you all could keep safe and healthy.

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