OEM / Customized Window Display Props.

Every brand has its own seasonal brand culture theme, in order to express the different unique culture

themes, they translate their ideas into real display props to decorate stores, that is VMD(Visula

Merchandising Design).

Shop Decoration OEM/ODM Process

2017 Christmas Fiberglass Ostrich Customized Window Display Case

Christmas window display prop

Detail Decription of OEM project

  • Customer Fiberglass Sample
  • Mending sample finish perfetly
  • Making All Part Moulds (2-3 sets Moulds for mass production)
  • Making out primer products (Resin material/Glass fabric/curing agent)
  • Polish joint edge extra parts and finish
  • Filling irregularity finish with putty
  • Burnishing finish smoothness
  • Spraying primary lacquer & Drying paints
  • Spraying right lacquer & Drying paints
  • Assembling & Quality Checking
  • Packaging (PP bag/bubble bag or pearl/styrofoam/cardboard carton)
  • Delivery to Customers