Clients’ Visiting for 2019 Christmas Projects

It’s welcome that our clients visited our factory from UK for 2019 Christmas projects. They arrived at Xiamen on Tuesday 5 am, and left to UK on Wensday morning. The trip time is quite tight, but especially for reviewing of 2019 Christmas prop samples. We really appreciate their visit, and thanks for their trust and time.

During the meeting we reviewed the sample we made for them, visited our factory and machinery equipment, and then discussed different material processing. They both are very satisfied with samples we made, and give full affirmation to our company and job.

So it’s a nice talking filling with discussion, understanding, and happiness, which helps us establish a long-term and great cooperation with each other. And for the mass production later in next 2 months, we would contact more and meet each other more in Xiamen.

Discussion with Clients
Client's Visit
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