A New DM for You in 2018

-Who is DM?

DM is a display props manufacturer from China, it provides integrated props mainly for store window display, mall & outdoor decor, and home applies, especially with fiberglass, wood and metal materials. Here you may wonder what are DM derived from, what is the meaning of it? Actually “DM” stands for Display for More. What we would like to express is that DM aims to show a way of visual merchandising to display for more with display props for the scenes as many as possible.



What does DM do?

As a rare integrated display props company in China, DM has established a powerful vertical integration of production chain, from design, part & mould processing, paint spraying, installation to precision testing. Besides, for so many years of operating, DM has been sparing no efforts in specializing in development of varieties OEM/Customized projects and integrated supplies of different scenes display. In addition, from the year of 2017, DM began to carry out a new business line of home applies for display and decoration.


Which products are the range of Home Applies?  Why did a display props company begin to develop the new business of Home Applies?

Actually, when mentioning about display props, it is really hard to tight home applies to it. But the home applies we talk about here refer to some decorative furniture, such as fiberglass furniture, industrial furniture and home accessories. With more details, it includes FRP / industrial chairs and tables, industrial shelves, wood and metal photo frames and clocks, wood trays, wood boxes, and candle lanterns, etc,. The reason why DM pitch the business line is that for the past few years, DM realized that , with rapid social development, we even have no time to enjoy or appreciate the beauty in all things around. In order to help create a simple, pure but comfortable environment, DM is committed  to making breakthroughs in home accessories and furniture, and will continue to develop more new products to build the home, leisure bars, and offices with various styles, like vintage, rustic, natural or shabby chic, making life spaces different from others.

As a professional team of visual merchandising, the knowledge and sufficient display notion that that DM equips not only applied to window display, outdoor statue decors, but also can fit the metal and wood decor and furniture elements in interior design very well.

It’s another way of display.

Now DM makes full ready to meet customers needs to provide integrated supplies of props and home decors with top quality and affordable price all over the world. We listening, we providing, and we standing behind you all the time.