How much do you know about the picture frame?

How would you decorate your new Home? With furniture, green plants, flowers or some home accessories?

Today, DM Home Decor would introduce one of the most important accessories to help decorate your home.


  • Then, about picture frames, how much do you know?
  • What kind of material can be made into picture frames?

Here we show you some common different material picture frames as below:

  1. Wooden picture frames

As one of the most popular home accessories, wooden frames are made of Chinese Fir, treated with different surface and painted with different colors. They can be made into rectangle, square, round, heart-shaped, and joint.

  1. Glass picture frames

Glass picture frames are made of glasses, processed with cutting, sculpturing, sand blasting, trimming, painting and polishing. It’s bright and shinning, which is also fragile at the same time.

  1. Resin picture frames

Resin picture frames are made of resin material, processed with intricate carving and color painting. They usually look European classic, gorgeous and intricacy, but fragile as well.

  1. Metal picture frames

The frames are made of metal, copper or aluminum alloy materials, processed with electroplate and baking varnish surface. Color can be made into bright silver, matte silver, gloss black, matte black, gloss golden and champagne.

With the improvement of life quality, more and more people prefer to use wooden picture frames to decorate their home and office, and this is exactly what DM Home Decor do now.

In order to meet demands of different market, DM is dedicated to providing different styles, different sizes and colors to suit different needs.

As for styles, we have:

  1. Rustic style. It’s rustic with distressed surface, full of wild and retro.
  2. Shabby chic. It’s outstanding with natural wood and matched with fashion fresh colors or decal printing flowers
  3. Industrial style. It’s made of natural wood material and matched with cold colors metal frame to figure out the vintage industrial style.

Colors we could provide: blue, mint blue, warm grey, ice-cream white, washed white, pink, mint pink, red, brown, yellow etc.

Different sizes are available with 4’’x6’’, 5’’x7’’, 6’’x6’’, 6’’x8’’, 8’’x10, 11’’x 14’’, 10’’x12, 12’’x12’’, 16’’x20’’, and more other sizes are customized. Besides, we have collage picture frames, like 2 picture frames, 3 picture frames, 4,5,7,12,16, and 18 frames as common.

Though picture frame is just one of small accessories as home decor, decorating with various styles, colors and sizes picture frames would make your home warmer and sweeter. Moreover, picture frames are not only decors for home, but also for coffee shop, bistro, hotel and office.

Now, DM Home Decor is committed ourselves to providing multiple style and size picture frames to decorate your life, and we will try our best to create a new environment for you.