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Celebrating 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrating 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-autumn Festival is coming on the way. As known, Mid-autumn Festival is a day for family getting together and enjoying the glorious full moon. Especially in Min Nan area, it’s a traditional of celebrating festival not only with families, but also company would organize a party for staff’s [...]

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Showing the Coolest Color for Summer Window Display

2019 Latest Summer Window Display with Blue Elements In the summer, the hot weather always makes people want to be like a fish to plunge into the water and find some cool! Therefore, in order to catch a pedestrians' eyes and stop them in their tracks, many stores [...]

Introduction of Nano-spraying from DM Window Display

Introduction of Nano-spraying from DM Window Display As a window display manufacturer, DM Window Display provides display props with integrated materials and processes, like painting, engraving, polishing and electroplating, etc. But for the electroplating, there are many different types of it. It includes heat electroplating, Nano-spraying, and PVD [...]

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