Snow Cap on Coach Christmas Tree by Acrylic Bending Machine

In this article, we’d like to talk about the “snow cap” sticked on Christmas tree made by acrylic bending machine for 2019 Coach Christmas Window Display.

The snow cap can’t be made without acrylic bending machine.

The snow cap is made of acrylic sheet. Firstly, we engraved the expanded shape of the cap, and then soften it by high temperature(saying above 200C ) with infray ray in acrylic bending machine. At the meantime, our engineer develops a simple but efficient heavy metal mold, which allows the softened arylic sheet put into it to form the shape of “snow cap”. Then the metal mold is placed in a sink, which could help cool the acrylic snow cap and shorten the shape forming time.

Finally, the “snow cap”are painted with car paintings with glitter effects on surface.

It’s quite simple to operate. Just putting the board in the machine, and waiting for several minutes, it can be automatically bent and formed in a preset time.

The softening level can be adjusted according to the thickness of the processed sheet.

The plate is fixedly heated to reduce the amount of deformation after forming

Using infrared heating method. It could greatly prolong the service life than the furnace heating method.

Adjustable working voltage. Avoiding the phenomenon of pasting when folding thick plates from the surface

Configure water circulation system and install water temperature overheating alarm system to ensure the safe use of equipment

Leakage protection function with ground wire is safe to use

Suitable for a variety of industries, can be folded acrylic, PVC and other materials.

acrylic bending machine