What are some effective retail window display tricks?

Talking about some effective tricks on window display, DM would like to give some tips.

  1. Using exaggerated and imaginary objects that may easily lead people’s imagination.

DM would like to decorate retail windows with some exaggerate and fictional objects that are proportional to reality rather than real objects. Such objects are more likely to trigger people’s imagination and increase sale volume. Regardless of whether the window area is large or small, you can use several decorative items.

For example, in a children clothing store, you can use cartoon figurine statues. In short, we must use something that can awaken customers’ childish interest and make them think of the time of childhood, so that step into the store.

store window design
  1. Combining the use of show models and other visual props.

Mannequin display is quite important, but you don’t need too many. Using some other visual props in combination to mix these visual props together, but still have to think about using multiple visual props for seasonal replacement with multiple or single models as the main props. If we change this point, we can change the entire window and tell the story through it. The information passed to the customer from window display is quite different from others. Showing mannequins can also be creatively applied. For example, you can put the mannequins’ head and legs up and down, or sitting on a bicycle, chair or table.

store window design
  1. Displaying your window props in a conventional way.

For example, put a real picnic table in the window, or cut the picnic table in halfs, but the picnic tables’ shape should still be presented. It can be painted in quaint colors and looks no longer as a simple picnic table, but as a personalized object or an artwork. The other half of the table can be made without using conventional materials, but with things like branches. A more special method is to use a variety of small objects to decorate with, such as shoes, flower pots, garden tools, books, picnic kitchen utensils, cups, dishes, and even paper flowers.


large paper flowers

In a word, if you want to design a creative visual merchandising window display, please arrange it in a conventional way. Try to figure out an idea that beyond your window display notion, but still pass the exact information you want to your customers.