What Happens to Retail Stores’ Seasonal Window Displays?

According to different seasons, the seasonal window display can be divided into four types: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There is no much difference  in the selection of goods for customers in the spring and autumn seasons. Therefore, there is no obvious difference between the spring and autumn goods in the window display. However, the background of the window can be differently arranged. Seasonal showcases can adopt different artistic techniques to render products for different seasons.

“Prosperity” should be highlighted for spring window display. When displaying spring clothes and textiles in store front, the background can be decorated with tender green that symbolizes sprouts and pink that symbolizes blooming peach blossoms. The textiles are modeled as a kind of twig shape, and they are decorated with swallow and willow branches, expressing a rich spring atmosphere. Then put all kinds of spring wear on mannequins, creating a three-dimensional “spring breath map” to promote the emotions and interests of customers buying spring clothes.

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Due to summer items are always express a strong seasonality, the number of goods displayed in the window can be appropriately less, leaving a certain space to highlight the summer atmosphere in art design. The background can adopts cool colors, giving people a cool and fresh feeling, which helps make customers stop in front of the shop window and purchase their own desired merchandise through display revelation.

Autumn goods must meet the rule of good sales in autumn. Yellow, orange, blue and other colors are mostly used to make corn and reed-like decoration, showing autumn-specific scenery. At the same time reduce the hanging displays, increase the three-dimensional space, giving people a sense of autumn.

The winter window can be decorated with snow-white background, showing down apparel, skates, scarves and other winter goods to promote customers to buy. Christmas window display is the most representative among winter window display. You can add elk, Santa, Christmas tree, or other representative items to dress up your window gorgeously.

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